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what can you expect from my writing?

Aside from having The Three Musketeers read to me, another childhood memory is of watching The King and I with my mother (Yes, the old movie with Yul Bruner). She told me it ended well but…spoiler! It does not. I cried, a lot, and my mum was mortified because she had apparently rewritten the ending in her own head after hating it herself and completely forgotten how it actually ended.

Her ending was, honestly, better.

Although I understand the power of catharsis in tragedy, I’ve never been one for deaths and doom and gloom in my stories. There is enough of that every time you turn on the news, and I like to believe that there can be a power to stories where the dragons are defeated, and the heroes triumph no matter the odds. Those are the stories that stick with me the longest: the ones where hope shines brightest, where the battles might be hard won but the odds are always beaten.

The stories my mum wouldn’t rewrite the ending of.

So let this be a promise, that no matter how dark the journey, how impossible the odds, how insurmountable the obstacles, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel and hope ever on the horizon ahead.

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