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"For each city, a spark.
For each spark, a story."

The Fractured cities


The Fractured Cities: bastions of civilization, walled or sprawling, expressions of logic, or craft from dreams, each as unique as the subtle magic that governs them. They stand alone, scattered throughout a changed world, folded into forgotten valleys, nestled amid moors, or crowning the tops of mountains.

For each city, a force, deep and woven into the very stone. A governance not of flesh, but of power. Each city, as dangerous and unique as the next. Cities where belief and vice create a logic and magic all their own, where right and wrong, chaos and order, have taken on new meanings. Cities where to stand out is a crime, and cities where to fit in comes at the risk of losing your mind. Cities where lies are truth, and prayers become unbreakable laws.


Each city waiting–for opposition. For the scales to tip. For defiance, and for rebellion. For one choice to change it all.

For each city, a spark, and for each spark, a story.

Book 1: cornucopia
Book 2: homogeny
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