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about me

A black and white picture of the author: a young man with long hair and a short beard looking off into the distance

Alek L. Cristea is a trans, gay, witch who writes the queer YA SFF he wanted–and needed–to read when he was a teen.

When not scribbling words he’s found reading, playing video games, or engaged with one of his many other hobbies (which he seems to keep accumulating over the years) and that range from gardening to building miniatures, and desperately trying to learn how to draw.

Even now these stories get downloaded (if only) to paper,  all that daydreaming takes up an impressive amount of processing power–meaning you can bet he always leaves the laundry in the drum and never folds the bedding.  (Cooking though – that never gets forgotten, because that’s a magic all its own!)

He lives with his three cats and his not-quite-husband and is desperately attempting to grow more than weeds in their small garden (he manages a decent crop of strawberries each year in spite of everything). At least the bees are entertained!

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