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"Let me welcome you to Cornucopia."



As with each of the Fractured Cities, Cornucopia is a world unto itself.

A place where faith makes magic and magic makes faith.

A place of excess and obsession, where the only sin is a life of less, of moderation.

But here in Cornucopia, moderation isn’t just a sin, it’s also a place. A bar, a haven of balance and restraint, where the Bartender welcomes any who will sit, follow the rules, and order a drink.

What will he give the Stranger – a man new to the city, searching for his wayward love? And to the Regular – a woman bereft of faith, in need of new purpose?


Perhaps in this city of glut, the Stranger will need more than a drink, the Regular more than her usual. Perhaps they’ll need each other; an ally with whom to fight a city that ensnares all it touches.

Together, they must take on Cornucopia’s oldest magic, free the city’s newest Idol from the haze of worship, and break the spell that keeps him ensnared and adored.

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